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Embracing Agape Love: How to Overcome Outside Pressures and Realize Our Inherent Worth

We've just passed February --- the “love” month.  But are you feeling like something is missing?  Did you feel pressured to make February 14th a perfect day?  Do you even have a significant other that you can call your Valentine? And what even is agape love?


This is what happens when we place our values in others and what society says we should expect.  Social media is notorious for giving us a false sense of our identity when compared to others.  We often feel that our life does not measure up.


Sadly, exterior influences and things will never sustain or fulfill us.  If we place our worth or faith in people, we will always be disappointed.  We need to place our faith in God, who will never disappoint us and already knows we are “enough”.  He loves us despite our flaws.  Do not let someone’s opinion of you diminish your self-worth.  God thinks you are perfect!


To be sure, this time of year, given our lack of sunlight, does have real effects on our mood.   We cannot hesitate to reach out to professionals if the sadness becomes profound.  Moreover, if you choose a Christian counselor, you will be reminded of God’s perfect love.

You are enough!  You are beautiful!  You are loved!


To reach one of our trusted counselors, please contact Living Waters Peace Center at 260-230-1180 or visit our website at
A caring voice will reach out to you and start your healing journey.

This blog was penned by grace and mercy through the delightful Laurie Mitchener Oncheck.

Laurie Mitchener Oncheck is a retired real estate and operations manager with over 40 years of experience.  She has experience coaching work teams and leading projects all over the country.  Her expertise is in coaching excellence and team building to streamline operations.  She was born in Northern Indiana and still resides there today.

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