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Join me for the journey...

On your trek in life? The terrain difficult?   Need a helpful scout, a pathfinder who knows the Way? I’m ready to walk with you, you and your significant other, or you and your family. There’s blue sky ahead and adventure just up the path.  Let’s go there.


I bring an enthusiasm for Life, a heart for adventure, and forty years of assisting people manage moods, moments, and marriages for maximized living.

Here you will find a list of program options:

    MAN ALIVE INTENSIVES:  Men need men to be men.

    COUPLE CARE INTENSIVES:  Couples can maximize joy through learning the 10 Basics. 

    FAMILY HONOR INTENSIVES: Families can be fun again.

  CHECK IT BEFORE YOU CHUCK IT : free session to do just that!  

Professional and Educational Background:  

Master of Divinity from CTS

Retired Full Elder in the United Methodist Church

Training in Pairs

DMin in Pastoral Care and Counseling, CTS

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