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Empowering Minds Together 2024

Attend Fort Wayne's first ever conference highlighting unique and alternative proven approaches to mental wellness, Friday, February 23rd. Conference includes a keynote and three sets of breakout sessions. Registration is only $25 which includes coffee, lunch, and snacks (CEUs are an extra $10). Thank you to the Bowen Center for providing lunch!



Please share with your colleagues/networks.

See our Flyer at the bottom of this page.



Empowering Minds Together

Our continued commitment and mission is to highlight and bring together the great creative minds within the community to tackle the complex problem of mental health wellness.  We understand that we are better together and our community coming together provides much more viable solutions to increase our emotional and cognitive wellbeing.


Mental Health Summit 2023

We began our dream of bringing our community leaders and neighbors together for a time of learning around the topic of mental health, so to fortify and increase our understanding of common challenges. We discussed how our faith traditions provide an anchor when our circumstances become unstable due to things like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more.

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